The driver-focused company is proud to announce the new hire of Uzo Udu, a former Uber driver and ex-Uber alum from Uber’s Center of Excellence who will join the VUGO team in their Miami office.


MIAMI, Florida, Jan. 29th, 2021 - Today VUGO announced that Uzo Udu will be joining VUGO as Head of Driver Support and Customer Success, effective May 1st, 2021. VUGO is proud to announce that Uzo Udu will be joining the VUGO from Uber, where he previously wore many hats as an integral part of Uber’s Center of Excellence (COE) in Chicago. Uzo will be bringing his experience in team building, support, and launching new initiatives and deep experience in building rideshare support infrastructure, processes, procedures to VUGO to improve support for independent VUGO driver-partners and our advertising and content clients.

Uzo is an Uber Alumni from the Uber Center of Excellence Uzo was responsible for building out UBER’s driver and customer support operations, prior to joining Uber’s Center of Excellence Uzo was one of Uber’s top-rated drivers in the City of Chicago.  He will be responsible for helping both drivers and clients while leading our support team. He will improve our support infrastructure, procedures, policies, in addition to leading our support team for both drivers and existing advertiser customers. 

At Uber, Uzo was an essential part of global support within the company, providing B2B client support to Fortune 500 customers, international corporations, and celebrities. He was also part of the Pilot Phone Support team at Uber. While at Uber’s Center of Excellence, he played a hands-on role in building Uber for Business, UberPool, the Advanced Fuel Support Team, and Uber Eats. Uzo will be based out of VUGO’s Miami office.


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Mr. Udu has also influenced the local and international cultural developments with Miami Seed School, Les Couleurs Charity, MALA: Muslim American Leadership Alliance, The Holiday Heroes, Minds Matter of Chicago, A Boy and His Dream Foundation, Playing The Game of Life, and other non-profit organizations. Due to his social activities, his positive attitude, determination, and expertise in building communities, Uzo Udu was awarded The President's Volunteer Service Award in 2017, by The White House.

 “VUGO has a well-deserved reputation for being a leader in rideshare advertising and supporting drivers and I’m honored and excited to be able to apply my unique experiences to continue to advance on that leadership and grow our business and take us to the next level,” said Uzo Udu. “Having been both an Uber driver and someone responsible for building the support organization for drivers at Uber, I know that this will be a challenging role, because our relationship with our drivers should not be transactional, and I’m excited to continue to build a company culture that both reflects our mission, and that builds empathy and respect for the most essential part of our business, our relationship with our drivers.”

 “I am absolutely ecstatic to have Uzo lead our support team in Miami,” said Robert Flessner, CEO for VUGO. “He has a unique background having been on both sides of support as a Uber driver and as someone who was responsible for creating the support processes for a high-growth startup like Uber, Uzo spent 2 years at Uber, helping the company improve their support for both big companies and A-list users in addition to creating policy, processes and most importantly solutions for driver support. As a company that prides itself on “walking the talk” of our mission to help drivers make more money, he is exactly the unique of person who has diverse experiences we want to help us build a culture around drivers, the backbone of ridesharing, he is a leader that will infuse empathy, kindness, and positivity into our communication with rideshare drivers and our clients.”

About VUGO: VUGO® empowers drivers across the nation with the most robust rideshare advertising solutions. VUGO invented rideshare advertising in 2015 and is proud to be the only rideshare advertising company built by drivers, for drivers. VUGO offers both in-car entertainment and exterior digital advertising solutions to help operators of rideshare vehicles earn incremental income. Since day one VUGO’s mission has been to help rideshare drivers make more money through advertising and content distribution. VUGO has a distributed remote team with employees in Miami, FL, Oakland, CA, and Minneapolis, MN. Major investors include Florida Funders VC and Tihama New Media. VUGO is currently raising money through Regulation CF Crowdfunding on the WeFunder platform, to learn more about how you can invest in VUGO please visit learn more about the VUGO’s technology solutions or to request our media kit visit: or email 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 29th, 2021

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James Bellefeuille is a former Uber driver and Co-founder of VUGO. James started VUGO because back in 2013 he moonlighted as an Uber driver while working at an agency during the day. He realized that his clients would want to get in front of his passengers at the right time and place.

When he’s not serving his clients, he geeks out on board games, travel, and challenging himself to improve his almost-awesome cooking skills. He calls Northern California home. James is VUGO's chief commercial officer and can be reached by emailing